Liverani, EP – Pumps in bronze

Liverani, EP – Pumps in bronze2019-02-18T14:43:59+00:00

Project Description


Liquid ring pumps, selfpriming and reversible, suitable for the transfer of clear liquids, without any solid parts in suspension. The pumps are available in full bronze version. According to the construction material the pumps find good applications in several fields: Oenological field and food processing (wine, must, vinegard, oil, fruit juice, bier, sirups and pickle), dairy field (milk, whey, etc.), chemical field (acids, solvents, photographic liquids, cleaning products, ink, etc.), agriculture field (anticryptogamics, liquid fertilizers, gas oil, etc.), nautic field (sea water, sweet water, gas oil, etc.).


Capacity up to 230lt/min (13,8m3/h)
Head up to 29m

Technical Data
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