Project Description


“Our self-priming pumps boast the following important features:  pumping liquids with a specific gravity without reducing performance by installing electric motors of increased power;the use of E-CTFE for magnetic versions offers an unparalleled chemical resistance when compared to other injection moulded polymers;the close-coupled versions have standardised electric motors.Our self-priming pumps are ideal for pumping liquids with vapour or heavy fluids. Thanks to the powerful magnetical coupling and the different motor powers available (“”N”” – 1,1 | “”P”” – 1,35 | “”S”” – 1,8), they can drag heavy liquids without reducing their hydraulic performance.
Our turbopump Rhino can drag the following acids up to 4 m of negative suction: sulphuric 98%, chloridric 33%, nitric, phosphoric, sodium hypochlorite, caustic soda”


Capacity up to 300lt/min (18m3/h)
Head up to 19m