Project Description


Every unit is comprehensively tested for optimal performance in the most demanding conditions for both prime and standby applications. . Extreme testing procedure (performance class, LAT, vibration, noise, fuel consumption, water ingress,…) . High cooling performance radiator with Atlas Copco Parcool for 100% standby power operation. Alternator IP23 with auxiliary winding (300% overcurrent during 20 seconds) and digital AVR (3 phases sensing and droop kit standard above 400 kVA). Decreased service downtime due to heavy duty fuel filtration system with water separator. Sound attenuated and rugged galvanized steel enclosure.

Applications: Data centers, healthcare, utilities, manufacturing, rental, recreation, telecommunications, public works, governments and transportation


PRP Power 8,8 – 1270kVA Standy Power 10 – 1420kVA

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