Project Description


TSE series are compact, high-performance durable submersible pumps used for handling abrasive and/or corrosive liquids at the toughest job sites, including mines, industries, public utilities and construction sites. The pump body and parts in contact with water are built of stainless steel or cast iron (at the customer’s option). Depending on application, pumps are equipped with semi-open impeller made of high-chrome alloy or stainless steel. Effective motor cooling due to execution of discharge channel integrated into the motor housing. Discharge outlet from 50 mm to 150 mm, Motor from 1,5 kW to 11kW. Hermetically sealed motors are equipped with build-in thermal protection. TSE series pumps operate automatically with the help of bulit-in intelligent control system. This system helps the end-user to achieve electricity cost reduction at the construction or industrial site.

Key features of TSE intelligent control system:
•    Protects against reverse phase, ensuring correct impeller rotation;
•    Protects against open phase or impeller jam, thus prevents accidental damage;
•    Automatically stops the pump in case of overload, abnormal voltage with the recovery after 5 minutes;
•    The pump stops working at high temperature, and will automatically restart after cooling to the specified temperature;
•    The water level sensor’s height is adjustable to control pump operation;
•    The pump stops working within 60 seconds when water level is below the water level probe keeping downtime for 180 seconds, after the 180 seconds, meanwhile the water level is above the water level sensor, the pump works again;
•    Rapid assessment of the pump’s operation and malfunction history.


Capacity up to 2500lt/min (150m3/h)
Head up to 50m