Pump / motor reparation

Company’s workshop can proceed with the reparation of pumps / motors from a variety of manufacturers and types.
Fully equipped workshop and motor winding unit, for surface and submersible pumps ensures a high quality level of service.
Highly skilled personnel, possesses technical know-how and many years of experience, ensuring impeccable level of service.

Technical support

Directness and respect to the customer are the most important elements of our company’s culture. We are prepared to provide technical support and consultation on the right selection of pumps and motors based on customer’s qualitative- technical- price cost criteria. Service is provided by telephone support/live meetings and on sight visits.

Engineering design

Our engineers can study specific customer’s needs and provide a unique proposal / solution that satisfies from pump selection to installation and commissioning.

The company retains many years of experience in the engineering design of pumping stations for water supply, irrigation and wastewater transport application. Specifically, the company can deliver engineering designs for pumping stations in

1. Residential buildings

2. Hotels, hospital, schools, buildings

3. Municipalities, water authorities and water authorities

4. Industrial plants

Testing Pump facility

Our fully equipped testing room, enables our customers to execute hydraulic performance tests any type of pump, firefighting unit and pressure booster set. We also possess modern and calibrated equipment to record the hydraulic performances (capacity, head, absorbed power etc.)